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Bussing Has returned!

Bussing Has returned!

Bussing Option Returns to Foresthill Divide School! We’ve partnered with Mid-Placer Transportation for limited student bussing before and after school starting Thursday, November 2, 2023.
Based on community interest, we anticipate Mid-Placer establishing two routes: (1) above-town Foresthill and (2) through the Todd Valley neighborhoods. For morning riders, the early route will be dropped off at FDS and will join the Kids Club Before-School Program. To maintain appropriate staffing ratios, we remind you to complete the required ELOP/Kids Club Registration form and submit your monthly calendar of participation to avoid being charged a drop-in fee! Signing up to ride the bus is simple, go to and click on the bus application button. Bus pass fees are waived or reduced for families who qualify, and families with more than one student bus rider are eligible for multiple rider discounts.
If you have questions, the Mid-Placer Transportation Team is available to help! Because the Mid-Placer system handles all aspects of student bussing, our district and school office personnel will be unable to answer your bussing questions.  Speak with your children about representing your family and our school district well by starting and ending the day with a pleasant greeting to your bus drivers and by always behaving respectfully, responsibly, and safely when riding the bus. Please also read the FUSD Board Policy 5131.1 and Administrative Regulation 5131.1 for information on student conduct on the bus. Drop-Off and Pick-Up Changes - Because bussing services are resuming, the FDS bus circle will no longer be available to vehicles for drop-off and pick-up purposes. Please be patient and kind as we adjust to these changes. 
For any questions about bussing, please call Mid-Placer. (530) 823-4820
We are working hard to ensure our students make it to school safely and on time for every school day. Stay tuned as we continue to work on School Transportation.
If you have questions regarding transportation, please contact the District Office at (530) 367-2966 Ext. 106

For questions regarding Special Education Van Transportation, please contact Bryan Tidwell, Transportation Lead,

Thank you!