Volunteer Clearance

Please follow the instructions stated in the Volunteer Clearance Opening Letter in order to become a cleared volunteer at the Foresthill Union School District.

2021-2022 Volunteer Packet.pdf

Live Scan Locations (Please contact the providers in advance to verify current operating hours, fees, etc.)

CA School Tuberculosis (TB) Questionnaire/Risk Assessment Form (or submit a record of clear TB screen)
Tuberculosis Assessment Information
Policies (please read)

If you wish to be a cleared Volunteer Driver, please complete the additional items:
1.  Volunteer Driver Information
2.  Volunteer must obtain and submit a copy of their driving record from DMV.
3.  Volunteer will submit a copy of their current valid driver's license.
4.  Volunteer will submit a photocopy of his/her insurance "declarations page" indicating the policy expiration date and coverage limits.
5.  Parent/Guardian Authorization for Student to be Transported... (If applicable.)
6.  Policies (please read)

Forms are available at the District Office, or you may print the forms from this page.

Once you have completed the Live Scan Service, please RETURN all completed forms and required documentation to your students teacher.

If you have any questions, please contact District Office (530) 367-2966.