FUSD Local Control Accountability Plan


Local Control and Accountability:

With input from the community, parents, staff and students FDS has created and strive to achieve the following yearly goals:

1FUSD will increase student attendance, decrease suspensions, keep expulsions at zero and provide positive behavior reinforcement programs and incentives.

2.  Students will have access to a broad range of classes.

3.  Provide and maintain a safe, secure, and welcoming school environment for students, staff, and community.

4.  Increase current levels of community and parent involvement and 4.  Provide communication that is clear and consistent to enhance student learning and engagement.

5.  All students will receive high quality education, delivered by highly qualified staff, and receive learning opportunities utilizing CCCSS curriculum aligned materials and instruction designed to support students in achieving high standards in ELA and Mathematics, Science and History.

Please use the following link to access Foresthill Union School District's LCAP.  We invite all comments and suggestions to goals and parent participation.  Please email any correspondence to rkattenhorn@fusd.org

LCAP 2021-2024.pdf

FUSD LCAP 2019-2020.pdf

FUSD LCAP 2018-19

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