Distance Learning Week 5: May 11-15, 2020

WEEK 5 DISTANCE LEARNING:  May 11-May 15, 2020


Monday:  May 11

GoMath: Do Chapter 11, Lesson 2 (p. 465-468)

Homework p.468A/B

Journeys: Lesson 27 Reading/Language Arts Day 1

In big book: Read What Can You Do!, (p. 46-69)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read The Three Races, (p.36-42)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 167-168

Spelling: Write each word three times each in journal.  Write two sentences using this week’s spelling words.  Encourage your child to print neatly and form letters correctly.

Science:  Chapter6-Lesson4:  Gases


Tuesday:  May 12

GoMath: Do Chapter 11, Lesson 3 (p. 469-472)

Homework p. 472A/B

Journeys: Lesson 27 Reading/Language Arts Day 2

In big book: Re-read What Can You See, (p. 50-70)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Seed Sisters, (p.43-50)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 169-172

Spelling: Practice words

Writing: Read page 71 in the Big Book and respond to page 73 in your Journal.


Wednesday:  May 13:

GoMath: Do Chapter 11, Lesson 4 (p. 473-476)

Homework p. 476A/B

Journeys: Lesson 27 Reading/Language Arts Day 3

Decodable Reader (little book): Read The Fox and the Grapes, (p.51-58)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 173-178

Writing: Write 3 to 4 sentences in your Journal about something you want to do.  Example:  I want to learn to play the piano.  I want to learn to ride my bike without training wheels.

Spelling: Practice words

Scholastic News:  Saving Gibson




Thursday:  May 14

GoMath: Do Chapter 11, Lesson 5 (p. 477-480)

Homework p. 480A/B

Journeys: Lesson 27 Reading/Language Arts Day4

In big book: Read The Wind and the Sun, (p. 74-77)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Jingle, Jangle, Jiggle, (p.59-66)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 179-180

Spelling: Practice words—test tomorrow

Writing: Read page 77 in the Big Book (Journeys).  Choose one option to respond to in your Journal.


Friday:  May 15

GoMath: Do Chapter 11, Review Test (p. 481-484)

Homework: Show What You Know and Vocabulary pages 486-487 in Chapter 12

Journeys: Lesson 27 Reading/Language Arts Day 5

In big book: Grammar—read page 78, do page 79 in your Journal.

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 181

Spelling: Take spelling test in Journal –remind your child of the spelling pattern this week (er and est suffixes)

Science:  Chapter 7, Lesson 1—Heating Matter








GOMATH:  Do one lesson per day.

Optional:  Go to Think Central and introduce each lesson with the interactive text.  Each lesson also has a Math on the Spot Video that corresponds to a certain problem.


Journeys:  Reading in Big Book:  Read story together and discuss.

Decodable Reader (little book):  Parent reads the story to child first.  Then read the story chorally with child.  Lastly, child reads to you—support as needed.


Reader’s Notebook:  Read directions to your child, then encourage them to read and complete independently.


Spelling:  Practice spelling words daily.


Journal Writing:  Encourage your child to write neatly and to use capital letters at the beginning of every sentence and proper noun.  Remind them that each sentence must have a period or end mark.


Physical Education (P.E.):  At least 100 minutes a week.  GoNoodle is a great resource.  Keep track of P.E. minutes with the P.E. log/calendar.


*Supplemental:  thinkcentral.com, MobyMax, Scholastic News (www.scholastic.com/sn1  --  click on student, password is firstgradefriends), and Schoolhouse Rock