Distance Learning Week 4: May 4-8, 2020




Monday:  May 4

GoMath: Do Chapter 10, Lesson 5 (p. 433-436)

Homework p.436A/B

Journeys: Lesson 26 Reading/Language Arts Day 1

In big book: Read The Dot, (p. 10-34)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Bears, (p.3-10)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 152-153

Grammar: Exclamations—Supplemental—Schoolhouse Rock

Spelling: Write each word three times each in journal.  Write two sentences using this week’s spelling words.  Encourage your child to print neatly and form letters correctly.

Science:  Chapter6-Lesson1:  Describing Matter

Optional Art Project: Dot Art (no need to turn in, just for fun)


Tuesday:  May 5

GoMath: Do Chapter 10, Lesson 6 (p. 437-440)

Homework p. 440A/B

Journeys: Lesson 26 Reading/Language Arts Day 2

In big book: Re-read The Dot, (p. 14-33)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Hiding and Seeking, (p.11-18)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 154-157

Spelling: Practice words

Writing: Compare/Contrast:  In Journal make a Venn Diagram like on page 34 in big book.  Then write one or more sentences about Vasti at the beginning of he story, and write one or more sentences about how she has changed by the end of the story.


Wednesday:  May 6:

GoMath: Do Chapter 10, Lesson 7 (p. 441-444)

Homework p. 444A/B

Journeys: Lesson 26 Reading/Language Arts Day 3

In big book—read and discuss pages 36-37

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Henry and Dad Go Camping, (p.19-26)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 158-163

Writing: Respond to page 37 from big book in your Journal.

Spelling: Practice words

Science:  Chapter 6, Lesson 2: Solids




Thursday:  May 7

GoMath: Do Chapter 10, Review/Test (p. 445-448)

Homework pages 458-459 in Chapter 11 (Show What You Know and Vocabulary)

Journeys: Lesson 26 Reading/Language Arts Day4

In big book: Read Artists Create Art, (p. 38-41)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Speedy and Chase, (p.27-34)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 164-165

Spelling: Practice words—test tomorrow

Writing: On page 41 in the big book, choose one option to write about in your Journal.


Friday:  May 8

GoMath: Do Chapter 11, Lesson 1 (p. 461-464)

Homework p. 464A/B

Journeys: Lesson 26 Reading/Language Arts Day 5

In big book: Grammar—read page 42, do page 43 in your Journal.

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 166

Spelling: Take spelling test in Journal –remind your child of the spelling pattern this week (ed and ing suffixes)

Science:  Chapter 6, Lesson 3—Liquids

Scholastic News: “Flip for the Olympics”








GOMATH:  Do one lesson per day.

Optional:  Go to Think Central and introduce each lesson with the interactive text.  Each lesson also has a Math on the Spot Video that corresponds to a certain problem.


Journeys:  Reading in Big Book:  Read story together and discuss.

Decodable Reader (little book):  Parent reads the story to child first.  Then read the story chorally with child.  Lastly, child reads to you—support as needed.


Reader’s Notebook:  Read directions to your child, then encourage them to read and complete independently.


Spelling:  Practice spelling words daily.


Journal Writing:  Encourage your child to write neatly and to use capital letters at the beginning of every sentence and proper noun.  Remind them that each sentence must have a period or end mark.


Physical Education (P.E.):  At least 100 minutes a week.  GoNoodle is a great resource.  Keep track of P.E. minutes with the P.E. log/calendar.


*Supplemental:  thinkcentral.com, MobyMax, Scholastic News (www.scholastic.com/sn1  --  click on student, password is firstgradefriends), and Schoolhouse Rock