Week 2 Distance Learning: April 20-24, 2020


Monday:  April 20

GoMath: Do Chapter 9, Lesson 5 (p. 389-392)

Homework p. 392A/B

Journeys: Lesson 24 Reading/Language Arts Day 1

In big book: Read A Tree is a Plant, (p. 116-147)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Moose’s Tooth, (p.99-106)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 123-124

Spelling: Write each word three times each in journal.  Write two sentences using this week’s spelling words.  Encourage your child to print neatly and form letters correctly.


Tuesday:  April 21

GoMath: Do Chapter 9, Lesson 6 (p. 393-396)

Homework p. 396A/B

Journeys: Lesson 24 Reading/Language Arts Day 2

In big book: Read A Tree is a Plant, (p. 120-149)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Moon News, (p.107-114)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 125-128

Spelling: Practice words

Social Studies: Unit 6-Lesson 1: How do people use money?


Wednesday:  April 22: Earth Day

GoMath: Do Chapter 9, Lesson 7 (p. 397-400)

Homework p. 400A/B

Journeys: Lesson 24 Reading/Language Arts Day 3

In big book discuss page 150 and respond to page 151 in Journal

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Boot’s Clues, (p.115-122)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 129-132

Grammar: Supplemental- Watch Schoolhouse Rock Video-Pronouns

Scholastic News: Read and complete: “Recycle that Gum”

Spelling: Practice words


Thursday:  April 23

GoMath: Do Chapter 9, Lesson 8 (p. 401-404)

Homework p. 404A/B

Journeys: Lesson 24 Reading/Language Arts Day4

In big book: Read and discuss Grow, Apples, Grow, (p. 152-155)

Decodable Reader (little book): Read Red Zed and Blue Stu, (p.123-170)

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 133-134

Spelling: Practice words—test tomorrow

Science: Chapter 1-Lesson 2 “What Plants Need”


Friday:  April 24

GoMath: Do Chapter 9, Lesson 9 (p. 405-408)

Homework p. 408A/B

Journeys: Lesson 24 Reading/Language Arts Day 4/5

In big book: Do pages 156-157 orally

Reader’s Notebook: Do pages 135-137

Journal Writing: Read and discuss pages 158-159 in Journeys big book.  Complete your story map on page 136 in your Reader’s Notebook.

Spelling: Take test in writing journal.

Parents—start with oo words, then ew words, and finally ou words.

Tell your child which spelling pattern to use.  For example: The first 6 words have the oo spelling.  Then have them spell soon, noon, zoo, boot, too, and moon.   The next words have the ew spelling.  Have them spell new and blew.  The last 2 words have the ou spelling.  Have them spell soup and you.  Bonus word: cartoon




GOMATH:  Do one lesson per day.

Optional:  Go to Think Central and introduce each lesson with the interactive text.  Each lesson also has a Math on the Spot Video that corresponds to a certain problem.


Journeys:  Reading in Big Book:  Read story together and discuss.

Decodable Reader (little book):  Parent reads the story to child first.  Then read the story chorally with child.  Lastly, child reads to you—support as needed.


Reader’s Notebook:  Read directions to your child, then encourage them to read and complete independently.


Spelling:  Practice spelling words daily.


Journal Writing:  Encourage your child to write neatly and to use capital letters at the beginning of every sentence and proper noun.  Remind them that each sentence must have a period or end mark.


Physical Education (P.E.):  At least 100 minutes a week.  GoNoodle is a great resource.  Keep track of P.E. minutes with the P.E. log/calendar.


*Supplemental:  thinkcentral.com, MobyMax, Scholastic News (www.scholastic.com/sn1  --  click on student, password is firstgradefriends), and Schoolhouse Rock


*Read Across America: Continue reading books, then write 3 sentences about the book, include title and author.  More information to come.