Student Access to ThinkCentral

Dear Parents,


            Both our math (Go Math!)  and reading (Journeys) programs have a student accessible website that is great for reviewing daily lessons and learning games.  Here is what you need to do to get your child online:


1.    Go to

2.    Click on Mathematics for California Go Math! or Reading/Language Arts for California Journeys.

3.    Fill in the information for our school:

Foresthill Union School District, Foresthill 95631

Foresthill Divide School, Foresthill 95631

4.    Your child’s user name is your child’s first name and

last name as follows (the periods must be there):


5.    Your child’s password is their own school id number:




*This number will be their password for as long as they are enrolled in our school district and will not change each school year.


            Log on and have fun exploring Go Math! and Journeys. Click on “My Library” on the top, right side of the screen.  Then click on either “Mathematics” or “Reading” on the bottom, left of “My Library.” Anything labeled G1 is first grade specific. In class, we focus on the Journey’s Decodable Readers, Readers Notebook, and Student eBook for reading, and the Student Edition eBook and Practice Book (this has the nightly math homework in it) for math.  





                                                                        Your First Grade Teachers J