School Closure: Home Support Resources

Dear Room 2 Families,


            Thank you for your understanding and patience as our FDS team worked together to best determine how to support all our students during the school closure. J 


As you know, “Home Support Resources” are being offered to help your child maintain skills and concepts taught so far in first grade.   As noted in Mr. Kraemer’s March 20, 2020 Family Newsletter, the resources provided are optional and not required. Also, the resources are not assignments and will not be collected nor graded.  These “Home Support Resources” will be available for pick up at FDS on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 from 9am to 1pm.  The first grade “Home Support Resources” available at pick up consist of three workbooks (Journeys Close Reader, Journeys Writer’s Handbook, and GoMath Smarter Balanced Assessment workbooks) to maintain reading, writing, and math skills and concepts. 


Online “Home Support Resources”-- MobyMax and ThinkCentral--are listed below and are accessible now:


*Go to to practice and explore reading, writing, math, social studies, and science activities.  Our school code is ca3019.  Your child’s user name is your child’s first name (period) last name (period)  Your child’s password is his/her own school id number.




*Go to to access all Journeys Reading and GoMath resources.  The information to fill in for our school is:  Foresthill Union School District, Foresthill 95631 and Foresthill Divide School, Foresthill 95631.  Your child’s user name and password is the same as for MobyMax.  Then click on “My Library” on the top, right side of the screen. Next click on either “Mathematics” or “Reading” on the bottom, left of “My Library.”


            Take care, my Room 2 Friends, and keep your wonderful brains and bodies busy and active! J


                                                                        With love,                                                     

                                                                        Mrs. Jones J