1. The cafeteria opens at 7:30 am for breakfast.  Breakfast costs $1.50.  The school campus opens at 7:45 am.  If you bring your child to school and he/she is not eating breakfast, please have him/her remain in your car until 7:45 am.
2. Transportation notes need to have the following information:
The date
Your child's first and last name
Your instructions
Your signature
3. If you send money to school with your child, please put it in an envelope and write the following on the envelope:
Your child's first and last name
What the money is for

4.Please check your child's backpack daily.
5. Every Friday your child will come home with a Friday envelope.  Please remove the contents and return the envelope on the following school day.
6. Homework packets are due on the following Friday.
7. Students need to wear or bring tennis shoes on P.E. days: Tuesdays and Thursdays.
8. Students need to bring a full water bottle on P.E. days: Tuesdays and Thursdays.
9. Student water bottles are to have a pull open/push close top or a flip top.  Please do not send any kind of plastic bottle that has a top that comes completely off, too many spills.
10. If your child wears rain boots or snow boots to school, please put another pair of shoes in your child's backpack.  If the boots become a distraction, your child will be asked to change his/her shoes.